Alpezzi Chocolate, S. A. de C. V. (also referred to as "Alpezzi"), whose legal address is Prolongación Los Robles Sur No. 351, Los Robles, C. P. 45134, Zapopan, hereby agrees and is bound to faithfully observe and comply with the principles of lawfulness, consent, information, quality, finality, loyalty, proportionality and accountability set out in article 6 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties.


Accordingly, Alpezzi hereby gives notice that the Personal Data that we obtain from those visitors to this website who kindly provide them to us (also referred to as "Data Holder/s" or "Holder/s") will be used for the purpose of (i) creating a customer, supplier or employee profile; (ii) establishing and keeping contact with the aim of receiving and distributing information pertaining to our business activities; (iii) evaluate the quality of our products and services. The Personal Data collected by Alpezzi will be duly protected by administrative, technical and physical security measures against undue use, access or disclosure.


The Personal Data which Alpezzi will request and collect from Holders include, but are not limited to: Name, CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población - Mexican National ID Personal Number), company position, telephone number, cellular phone number, personal address, signature, RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes - Mexican Federal Taxpayers' Registry Number) and e-mail address.

Alpezzi may collect sensitive Personal Data by virtue of the nature of the business or work relationship that has been established with the Holder. In the same manner, such Personal Data may be shared with third parties who may be either individuals or corporate entities, foreign or domestic, for the sole purpose of complying with the aims defined by this Privacy Notice.

Alpezzi may also request and collect financial and patrimonial data to the extent that are deemed necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations arising from the business relationship that has been established with the Holder. These data may include the name of their bank as well as account type and number, among others, which will be used solely for enabling and facilitating payments.


As set out in Section VI of Article 3 of the Law, the definition of Sensitive Data includes Personal Data whose undue use may give rise to discrimination or even entail some kind of risk to the person identified by them. Particularly sensitive are those which might reveal information such as racial or ethnic origin, current or future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical or ethical affiliation, labor union membership, political opinions or sexual orientation.


Alpezzi Chocolate, S. A. de C. V. reserves the right to make any changes or modifications it deems pertinent to this Privacy Notice for the purpose of conforming to new legislation, complying with judicial decisions, adapting or updating it, or aligning it with changes in internal policies.

Any such changes or modifications will be available to the public at large at one or several of the following sources or through the following media: (i) at our corporate offices, (ii) at our corporate website, in the section "Privacy Notice", (iii) via direct, personal e-mail at the same address the Data Holder has provided us.

Alpezzi Chocolate, S. A. de C. V. recommends that all Holders of Personal Data in our custody regularly review the contents of this Privacy Notice.


The data collected by Alpezzi for the purposes described above may be shared with third parties for carrying out research and development of new products or technologies, market surveys, advertising strategies, psychometric studies or socioeconomic and medical research.

All specific Personal Data provided for these surveys or studies, as well as all data from the results of these surveys or studies will be covered by this Privacy Notice, and will be subject to the same terms and conditions described in this Privacy Notice.

In case a Holder's Personal Data are intended to be used for purposes other than those stated in this Privacy Notice, Alpezzi Chocolate, S. A. de C. V. will require your full express consent for such action to be taken.

In conformity with the principles set out in the Law, its bylaws and the guidelines established for the regulation of Privacy Notices, and due to the fact that we may at some point collect data of a sensitive nature, your full express consent will be required for the use of these data, for which purpose we will request such consent in due course by your undersigning the corresponding Privacy Notice, to which there is a link at the bottom of this page.


You have the right to know which of your Personal Data is in our possession, the purpose(s) for which we are using this information, and the terms under which we are using it (Access). In like manner, you have the right to request the correction of your Personal Data in case these are outdated, are incomplete or inexact (Rectification); to have them struck from our registry or databases if you feel that these Personal Data are not being used in accordance with the principles, responsibilities and obligations contemplated by the Law (Cancelation), or to oppose their being used for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

In order to exercise any of your ARCO rights, either to retract your consent to the use of your Personal Data or to limit their use in some way, you will have to file the corresponding application in writing, one original and two copies, dated and signed, at Alpezzi's address indicated at the top of this page, or send it to the following e-mail address:, attaching a copy of your voters' ID or valid passport.

Additionally, we ask you to include a telephone number, e-mail address (if possible) or physical address to which we will send our response to your request.

Your application should be directed to the head of corporate privacy and clearly state its intended purpose.

You will be able at all times to inquire about the status of your request, for which we ask you to visit us at Alpezzi's address, or e-mail us at:, directing your inquiries to the head of privacy.

The company will issue a response to your application no later than 20 days after the reception of your request.

This Privacy Notice may be changed, modified or updated in compliance with new legal requirements or as a necessary component of human resources policies, changes in our privacy policies or in our business model, or other unrelated causes.

In any case, Alpezzi hereby undertakes to keep you informed of any changes in this Privacy Notice, either personally, through electronic media, or a personal call (if we have your current phone number).